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PAC-12 Portable Vertical Antenna Kit

The Ultimate Portable Antenna

PAC-12 Antenna Kit

PAC-12 Fixed Coil Antenna Kit

PAC-12 Multiband Coil Antenna Kit


  • Two PAC-12 versions are available:
      Two PAC-12 versions are available:
      • The fixed coil version Includes a coil kit for 40M and two compact coil kits for two higher bands.
      • The multiband coil version includes a tapped single coil that covers 40-10M.
      • An optional 80M coil kit that works with either version is available
      • Both versions weight approximately 1 pound
      • Both versions cover 6M and 2M using telescoping whip only.
      • Radial kit and support spike included
      • Mounts on the spike or any standard camera tripod or 1/4-20 threaded mount,
      • An optional 1/4-20 to 3/8 adapter for use with 3/8 antenna mounts is available.
      • Assembled the PAC-12 is approximately 8.5 feet long
      • Breaks down and packs in 14 inches or less of space.
      • Ideal for travel, backpacking, emergency, ARES/RACES, and SOTA operation

      Manuals and other useful information

       PAC-12 Assembly Manual - V3.1

       80 Meter Coil Assembly - V2.8

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      PAC-12 Fixed Coil Antenna Kit: $120.00
      PAC-12 Multiband Coil Antenna Kit: $120.00
      Multiband Coil Kit: $45.00
      40M Coil Kit: $25.00
      80M Coil Kit: $25.00
      Compact Coil Kits: $20.00
      15 ft RG-174 feedline with BNCs: $15.00
      Replacement telescopting whip: $10.00
      1/4-20 to 3/8-24 adapter: $5.00
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