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The DCxxB Board Only Transceiver Kit

We are offering board only the kit for 40.00. This includes the PCB and board only parts plus decals. It is the builders responsibility to provide the Power jack, mini phone jacks, and BNC connector. Steve Weber, KD1JV, the designer has this to say about the upgrade.

The major difference between the A version and this new B version is the physical size of the board and the layout. The board was made slightly larger to make assembly easier. The A version used board mounted headphone and paddle jacks and a board mounted switch for keyer control. These parts have been moved off board to increase the packaging options for mounting the rig into a box.

A few minor circuit changes resulted in reduced audio “thump” when switching from transmit back to receive. Stability of the RF preamp was improved to reduce the possibility of self oscillations. The PA transistor was changed from a 2N7000 to a somewhat more robust BS170. The T/R oscillator shift was changed so that it is shifted by the trimmer cap while in receive mode instead of transmit mode. This makes it possible to replace the offset adjust trimmer cap with a panel mounted variable capacitor for fine tuning the receive frequency.

These radios are the next generation of the popular DC40 transceiver that was also designed by Steve. Here are the improvements made:

  • Added RF preamp for better sensitivity.
  • Active mosfet QSK switching instead of passive L/C/diode network.
  • 5V regulator instead of zener for better regulation and reduces keying clicks in audio.
  • Modified driver stage improves PA efficiency and makes it run cooler.

There is a users group for this series of kits at Yahoo groups. Do a search for the DC40. We invite you to join, as there is a wealth of information and help there. This rig is an ideal first time kit for the builder who wants to get into homebrewing but doesn’t want to risk the family fortune. When you are finished building this, you will have all the skills to homebrew any of the more complicated and expensive kits. And, if you like to tinker, this is an ideal radio for that. Lots of room for experimentation and having fun with mods.

The kit will come with 1 crystal for the band specified. 7.040 for DC40, 10.120 for DC30, 14.060 for DC20.

Supporting Files and Documents

 DC20B DC30B and DC40B Builders manual rev A

 DCXXB Decal Installation Instructions

 DCXXB Rock Hunter Assembly Instructions

 DCXXB PCB Chassis Plans

 DCxxB Keyer Quick Menu Template

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Modifications and Comments

  Bob Okas, W3CD, has come up with a neat Norcal FCC1/2 mod that allows you to use it with the DCxx.

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DC20: 40.00
DC30: 40.00
DC40: 40.00
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