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TwoFer Transmitter Kit

The TwoFer was originally designed for the QRP ARCI by John Collins and Mike Michael about 20 years ago. Recently Richard Fisher, KI6SN, revisited the kit and updated it so that it would meet current FCC specs. Rich's version used a no longer produced air variable to tune the VXO. Bob Okas, W3CD and I confirmed that a polyvaricon would work in its place. Bob then designed a board, we tested the prototypes, and now are pleased to offer 40 and 20 meter versions of the kit. The TwoFer uses a 2SC799 or a 2N3553 as a final, and puts out about 2 Watts. It is crystal controlled with a VXO that gives about 1.5 kHz on 40, and about 3kHz on 20M. It also has a T-R switch that mutes the receiver during transmit. It comes with a double sided, plated through, solder masked and silkscreened board, all board mounted parts. and a crystal for either 14.060 or 7.040. It does not come with connectors.

Manuals and other useful information

 TwoFer Builders Manual

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