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Tracer/Injector Kit


The Tracer/Injector probe is an easy to use, handheld, piece of test equipment for diagnosing amplifiers, receivers and transmitters. It incorporates an LM358N, integrated circuit, half of which is the audio signal injector and the other half a tracer, incorporating a product detector to allow you to locate problem stages. With this tool you will be able inject audio signals through the various stages of your problem circuit, or trace signals from the front end thus narrowing in on the problem. It is a completely self contained, handheld device, using an inexpensive readily available battery.

All components are supplied, with easy to follow instructions available for download. Despite it's small size, it incorporates all through hole components, and can easily be assembled with the normal kit building tools. All you need to supply are a pair of earbuds to plug in to the attached audio jack for the tracer portion of the device.

This product was showcased at the OzarkCon2009 building forum. Look for detailed troubleshooting techniques, using this handy tool in our files section.


Injector: Injector impedance - 100 ohms
Signal level - 75mV
Harmonic spacing - 1Khz
Tracer: Input impedance - 100,000 ohms
Gain - fully adjustable
Battery:12v, A23

Manuals and other useful information

 Tracer Injector Builders Manual (ver 031809)

 Using your Injector Tracer

 Testing your Injector Tracer (W9HZC)

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