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Simple Transmitter (TST)

  • Power Output: ~4w into a 50 ohm load at 12v
  • TX power amplifier efficiency: ~70%. Finals stays cooler, transmitter draws less power. Note: TX designed for CW type transmit duty cycle. Prolonged key down operation is not advised.
  • TX harmonic output suppression readily exceeds FCC specifications: >55 dB attenuation typical
  • Spot Switch: Turns on the oscillator and buffer so that you can find it with a receiver
  • Built In Keyer: Keyer chip included with adjustable cw speed pot
  • Straight Key mode: Power up with the jack “ring” shorted (mono plug) causes the keyer to enter
  • straight key mode. This mode is useful with external memory keyers for beacon use, as well as normal straight keys or bugs.
  • Straight Key “dotting” mode: Staying key down for several seconds places the transmitter into “dotting” to protect the finals.
  • Built in receiver T/R switch with “mute” output: An external receiver can be hooked up directly to the transmitter “RX” output. “Mute” output provides an open collector shunt to ground during transmit.
Supporting Files and Documents

 Simple Transmitter Assembly Manual (9/1/2015 update)

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Simple Transmitter 10M (TST): 60.00
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