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The MMR-40 Transceiver

Designed by Steve Weber. KD1JV

This rig was designed to be entered into the ARRL "home brew challenge". The results of the design contest won't be known for some time and it will be even longer before anything is published. We decided this was such a nice rig, it had to be kitted and made available as soon as possible. There's also the possibility the ARRL will choose some other design to win, so why take that chance?

The MMR-40 features both CW and SSB operation, the first rig kit in this price class to do so. The reasonably small size, low power consumption and nearly full band coverage of 40 meters makes this rig ideal for back up or emergency use.


  • Receiver sensitivity: 0.2 uV MSD typical
  • Audio output: 500 mw
  • Receiver current: 30 ma, no signal
  • Transmitter power out: 6 watts CW/pep typical at 13.8V supply
  • Transmitter spurs: -50 dBc or better
  • Transmitter current: 900 ma at 6 watts CW output
  • SSB frequency response: 400 Hz to 2400 Hz
  • VFO drift: From cold start, 200 Hz or less during 10 minute warm up.
  • Tuning rate: About 13 kHz per knob revolution
  • Typical tuning range: SSB: 7.280 to 7.150 MHz CW: 7.100 to 6.700 MHz
  • Power supply: 11 to 14 volts, 12.5 to 13.8 recommended.

The kit is complete including case, connectors, controls, commercial quality plated through, double sided, silkscreened, and soldermasked board. The MMR-40 is 100% through hole parts with NO surface mount parts to worry about..

Supporting Files and Documents

 MMR-40 Assembly Manual (rev B.1)

 MMR-40 Mechanical Assembly Manual

 MMR-40 Errata

 MMR-40 Panel Drilling Template

 MMR-40 Speaker Drilling Template

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