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Spectrol ten turn potentiometers
10K Ohms
Item: I001
Air trimmer 2-20pF
0.3 inch lead spacing
0.6 inch high
Item: I002
Panel mount BNC
Item: I003
9V battery clips
pack of 3
Item: I004
Small speaker 0.8 x 1.4 inches
Item: I005
Thermal compound 0.3ml tube
Item: I006
Power cable 6 ft long with stripped and tinned leads and 2.1mm coaxial plug
Item: I007
Panel mount metal power jack 2.1 mm
Item: I008
Power plug 2.1mm
Item: I009
Magnet wire
includes 100 feet of red 28 and 100 feet of green 28 thermaleze wire
Item: I010
Toroid Kit
50 Includes feet of red 28 and 50 feet of green 28 magnetwire
plus get the following toroids
25 - T37-2
25 - T37-6
25 - FT37-43
25 - FT37-61
Item: I011
Polyvaricons (set of 4)
Two sections: 60pF max 160pF max and when you gang them together you get 220pF The 4 caps now come with all mounting hardware including a 1/2" x 1/4" shaft
Item: I012
Polyvaricon (1 each no hardware) 60pF max 160pF max and when you gang them together you get 220pF
Item: I012
4PDT Switch
Item: I013
28.060 Crystal in HC-49 package
Item: I014
NJM386BD Audio Amplifier
is an LM386N-4 equivalent from JRC
Item: I015
Fairchild 1N5401 Diode
Can be used as a 3A 100V diode or as a Varactor
since Fairchild has published C vs V in the datasheet
Item: I016
PN2N2222 Transistor
NPN General purpose amplifier 2/$1.00
Item: I017
Whip Antenna
4 Sections
Collapsed: 4 inches
Extended: 14.25 inches
M4 base screw and nut
Item: I018
Limited quantity of original PFR Cases for PFR3
Fits all PFR kits with button tuning (all except PFR-3B)
Fully painted with silk screened labels
Upgrade your old or damaged PFR cases or use to build a custom rig
Item: I019
Resistors (10 for $1.00):   $1.00
Resistors (40 for $3.00):   $3.00
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