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Volt Tattler

The Volt Tattler is a microcontroller based D.C. system voltage monitor. It can be programmed to monitor a system for low and high voltage and provides visual output that voltage is being monitored and audio outputs as well as separate control lines that go high if the voltage is too high, or too low or out of range. Morse Code keying and Morse Code audio signals are also available. Volt Tattler can be used to automatically switch off charging, etc.


  • Audibly announces by Morse code if the voltage above or below user programmable thresholds.
  • Draws only around 1 mA in normal use.
  • Thresholds can be programmed with a variable DC power supply and voltmeter of suitable precision and accuracy
  • Simple through-hole construction making it suitable as a novice construction project
  • Volt Tattler announces its activation. It also shows its activity with a flashing green LED.
  • Reverse polarity protection making it suitable for temporary and portable setups.
  • Thresholds can be set over a range of 5V to over 25V.
  • 3V digital signals are available including
    • high voltage is exceeded
    • low voltage is exceeded
    • out of range (either voltage exceeded)
    • Morse audio keying and Morse audio tone (@1.5kHz)
  • Small breadboard area to assist interface to downstream equipment
  • Single button programming with audio feedback of programming status

Supporting Files and Documents

 Volt Tattler Owners Manual v1.01

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