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40m - 15m or 80M SOTA Halfwave Tuner

The SOTA tuner can be either built for 40-15 or 80. The product we developed is enclosed in a sturdy aluminum case, and features Dan Tayloe's (N7VE) led swr indicator, with all stainless steel connection hardware. We are rating the tuner at 5 watts CW, 10 watts P.E.P. The light weight and small size make this tuner ideal for the backpacker and because it is so small, you won't even notice it in your luggage as you travel. This tuner is perfect for the people who like to take a small rig with them when they travel on business for hotel operation. Plus, the Tayloe SWR indicator eliminates the need for additional SWR bridge, and associated cables. All that you have to do is attach the tuner to a wire, hook it to your rig, and then tune until the LED dims or goes out. When that happens you are ready to operate. It doesn't get any simpler. The SOTA tuner is perfect for the backpacker and traveler. It is small in size, simple to operate, and easy to build.

The finished tuner is just 2"x 2 1/4"x 7/8", and the weight is 2.54 oz., or (72 grams) !!

Supporting Files and Documents

 SOTA Assembly Manual (3/17/13 update)

 SOTA Assembly Manual for 80m (1/17/13 update)

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SOTA Tuner (40m-15m): $40.00
SOTA Tuner (80m): $40.00
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