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Balanced Line Tuner Plus


  • The BLT is a simple Z-Match tuner that works from 10-40 meters.
  • Tunes balanced feedlines.
  • Handles up to 10W.
  • Includes LED SWR indicator
  • All parts for the tuner and a case are included.
Supporting Files and Documents

 BLTPlus Tuner Construction Manual -- 1.5 MB (rev 2.2)

 BLTPlus Decal Installation Instructions


"Got mine finished last night and never have I had a kit that I put together work the first time. The BLT tuner worked great. Just had the diode in backwards but that was easy to fix. Doug has made one of the best manuals for a kit that I have seen. Photos are great and sure help you keep on track. This kit would be great for the first time builder. It was great to see the LED go out on 40 meters. Doug you have set the standards for a user manual. A big thanks!"
 ...  72 Gene N0MQ

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Balanced Line Tuner Plus: 60.00
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