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The BitX20A and BitX17A are complete SSB kits with board, all parts, digital display and custom powder coated and punched case that is based on the BitX20 that was designed by Ashlan Farhan. The original version was built ugly construction, and you had to source all the parts. I discovered the BitX20 site on Yahoo in 2007, and decided that the BitX20 would be a neat kit for Hendricks QRP Kits. The problem was that it did not have a pcb. A team of Dan Tayloe, Jim Kortge and Arv Evans have worked countless hours making sure that the pcb version was stable and would meet United States F.C.C. Specs. We had to go through several revisions to get it right, and we are happy with the result, even though it took a long time. Some things just take time. The kit includes a commercial quality plated through, silkscreened, solder masked board, and all board mounted parts, plus the polyvaricon tuning capacitor, digital dial, custom powder coated and punched case, knobs and controls. Everything you need to build the kit is provided.

I encourage you to check out the BitX20 users group on Yahoo. They have agreed to provide support for the kits. There are hundreds of messages on there about the history and development of this kit. Our kit puts out about 10 watts, features dual IRF510's as finals in a push-pull arrangement. The schematic is available at the Bitx20 site on Yahoo. Cost of the kit is $180.00 plus shipping and handling.


Supporting Files and Documents

Here is the manual for the BitX20A SSB Transceiver. Arv Evans did a fantastic job of writing it with the help of the BitX20A Design Team of Arv Evans, Jim Kortge, and Dan Tayloe, plus contributions from several other members of the BitX20 Yahoo List. This is an excellent manual. If you have questions or need support, please join the Yahoo BitX20 list and post there. The group there will provide wonderful support and knowledge to help you with your build. Enjoy.

Full Bitx20 Assembly Manual 

Full Bitx17 Assembly Manual (ver 03/22/09 

Full Bitx17 Assembly Manual Spanish 

Revised Assembly instructions for the Bail 

Bitx20 to BITX17 Conversion Instructions 

Full Bitx20 Assembly Manual in Spanish 

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